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Team Manage Lite

TFTM Lite is designed to provide a way for each team entering a meet to key in their meet entries and then export those entries by disk or e-mail to the Meet Host.

TFTM Lite is FREE to download from the HY-TEK web site’s Download Center found at www.hy-tekltd.com. TFTM Lite is basically the TFTM production version with the following restrictions:

  • All Exports, except the Export of Meet Entries and the Export of Athletes/Teams, are not available.
  • All Imports, except the Import of Meet Events, Mark Standards, and Records, are not available.
  • Any Report may be Previewed on the screen, but only the Meet Entries Report may be printed.
  • A maximum of 3 Meets may be added. (So you can delete meets to add more)
  • Maximum of 100 Athletes may be entered.  (If you have more than 100 athletes, make a boys database and a girls database.  Call them HC-Boys and HC-Girls, for example BUT call them the SAME inside each database, i.e. HC)
  • Maximum of two Journal Entries may be entered.

SSSAD Ages (Spring 2017)

Use the following ages for ALL athletes when entering them into the database.  It doesn’t matter what their age or birthdate really is for entry purposes.

  • Midget – 01/01/02
  • Junior – 01/01/01
  • Senior – 01/01/00
  • (Advanced users might split their Seniors into first year (01/01/99) and second year (01/01/99) Seniors.)

Download HyTek Team Manager Lite:
Team Manager 4.2 Lite

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